The Java Rice Finch



The Java rice finch which is also known as Java Finch, Java Temple Bird or Java Sparrow, is 13-15cm and like many finches is a very hardy bird. These lovely birds originated in the island of Java in Indonesia and have spread out through southern Asia, parts of Africa and also Hawaii.

They are normally black in the nape and chin with white cheek patches outlined in black. The primary flight wings feathers and upper tail converts are also black. A blue-gray covers the bird's mantle, back, secondary wings, chest and rump. The belly is a cinnamon brown color and the under tail coverts are white. Javas have red-pink beaks, legs and eye circles. Both sexes look identical with only slight differences in beak shape and color.

Sexing Java Finches is the hardest part of keeping one. They can be very difficult to sex especially when they are young. The best way to distinguish them is from their song, only the male sings. But its not alway the case of spotting either or singing. The best way to spot them singing is by keeping them in groups in a good sized aviary. They usually sing a lot more when they are together. Catching the one that was singing can be a challenge too, so what you need to do is put different coloured plastic rings on them, this should make you r life easy to spot them.

One other feature that might help is that the hen's beak seems longer and narrower in comparison while the male's beak is wider and has a blunt tip.

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